Join us throughout the month of October as we commit to disciplines that will stretch us in the right places.  Each week we will add one additional item, so keep an eye out for the next area for growth.  


We'll commit to reading a 5-minute daily devotional throughout the 31 days of October.  

Each devotional can be found by clicking on the Daily Devotional circle, or you may also click here

If you'd like to receive a daily email throughout October that contains the devotional reading for the day, simply let us know by emailing


This week, we will add a short time of worship and prayer to the end of our devotional time. You may choose to sing/pray for a few minutes, sing along to your favorite worship song, or to make it really easy, you can click below to worship along with the “Stretched Worship Playlist.” 

We’ve provided two playlist options: YouTube (no account required) or Spotify (create a free Spotify account to listen). 


Please note, ABC Church has no control over advertising that might appear or play while listening to the playlists.  

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This week, we will attend an ABC Life Group as a way to offer friendship to others.  If you would like help finding a Life Group, the Fall Brochure can be found by clicking on the Stretched Life Groups circle.  

Additional items will be available throughout October.  Please check back to continue accessing resources that will help you stretch.