At ABC, we desire to come alongside you and to help make any obstacles irrelevant in your process of pursuing God. This page simply shares a few items to help you know what to expect when you come to ABC, as well as a few key areas where we think you'll enjoy getting involved.


Our Celebration Services take place on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m.


During our Celebration Services you'll see a broad variety in attire. You'll see everything from jeans and t-shirts, to suits and ties. We welcome you to come dressed in the way that feels most comfortable to you.


We love expressing our worship to God through music. We’ll sing some fresh and very current praise and worship songs right next to updated versions of powerful hymns that carry hundreds of years of theological depth and tradition. Some will clap or raise their hands in worship, others will be still and silent in the presence of God.


Whether you’re attending church for the first time or have been a follower of Christ for years we hope you’ll find our messages meaningful and relevant to your life. We aim to share God’s Word creatively and hope you’ll find the presentation enjoyable while challenging at the same time.



Parents, while you’re involved in our Celebration Services we want you to feel at ease knowing that your kids are safe and having a lot of fun taking part in ministries that are designed specifically to help them grow in their relationship with God. Sunday mornings we have Nursery Care for birth to 2 years of age, Pre-school for kids 3 years to Pre-K, and ABC Kid’s Church for those Kindergarten through 5th grade. - More Details -


Our hope is that you’ll experience the friendliness of a warm and welcoming church family here at ABC. During our services we’ll have a brief greeting time where you’ll have a chance to meet those around you. You’ll also find many of our church family enjoying great conversations before and after our services. Other great ways to get connected quickly at ABC are to join a Life Group or attend our ABC Speedway Classes. We hope you'll build friendships quickly and feel a sense of belonging at ABC. 


Following our Celebration Services we’d like to invite you to visit Guest Central. Guest Central is located in our main lobby immediately outside our main auditorium doors. At Guest Central we’ll have some very friendly people who would love to meet you, answer any of your questions, help you with directions, and give you a free gift.


We've designed four classes to help you in your spiritual journey. We calls these classes, "ABC Speedway." Our first class, "Starting Point" will help you start your engine and get into the race as you learn more about ABC. At turn 2, "Accelerate," will help you increase the speed of your spiritual growth. At turn 3, you'll find your "Traction" as you discover more about your wiring and how to find fulfillment. "Home Stretch" will help give you the tools needed to sling shot you into future laps that are filled with purpose. Every race starts with the first lap, so please join us for these four Classes. Currently, our Speedway classes are offered through Life Groups. 


A great way to grow in your faith while building friendships at ABC is to join a Life Group. Our Life Groups run on a trimester basis usually lasting 10-12 weeks. We have many different Life Groups with focuses that range from Bible Studies, to Sermon Based Discussions, to Affinity Groups that meet around common passions (such as hiking). Our Life Groups cater to many different demographics and with more than twenty different options, we hope that you'll find a group that’s a great fit for you.

Join a Life Group.