Then came the second picture - that of an old expansion bridge. Its metal arches stretched high into the clouds, the large timbers which formed the road offered a jostling ride, and the thin space between the timbers were wide enough to remind travelers of the consequences of mal-navigation.

One by one the scenes unfolded. Like a PowerPoint presentation, each slide contained a new and different bridge. The progression was obvious, each new bridge was noticeably stronger, built with greater sophistication. Finally the chasm was spanned by a multi-lane freeway that barely resembled a bridge. The bridge was strong, secure and safe, the type where travelers barely recognized they were crossing a bridge.

This vision of safe and smooth passage for seekers to God gave birth the Austin Bluffs Church family vision statement, "A Bridge Church." This new revelation of purpose changed the members of the Austin Bluffs Church family from the inside out. From the Celebration Meetings to the facilities themselves, the Austin Bluffs Church family began to explore ways to make their church a safe place - a bridge - for seekers.

Fall 2001 brought a new season of hope and promise to the Austin Bluffs Church family as they moved into a new facility. Miracle after miracle proved God's blessing on the growing family of Austin Bluffs Church and they entered the new millennium full of life and hope.

Now, with a new facility and a clearly defined, God-given vision, the future is shining for the Austin Bluffs Church family.