Life Groups

Life Groups are an incredible way to grow in your relationship with God while building friendships at ABC. Our Life Groups run on a trimester system with each trimester lasting anywhere from 10-12 weeks in length. With a great selection of Life Groups to choose from, our hope is that everyone will be able to be connected in a group that feels like a great fit. We'd love to help you find the group that's the right fit for you.

young adults

ABC’s College and Young Adult Ministry is a great place to grow in your relationship with God while developing friendships at the same time. Our Life Group setting creates an environment that inspires great discussions about practically living out our faith. We hope you’ll connect with us soon.


Whether you’re a young family or have been a family for quite some time it’s great to connect with other families, parents, and children who are at a similar stage of life to you. Most of our family ministry takes place within the context of our Life Groups. We have several family groups that would love to welcome you, trade stories, share experiences, and do life together.


Our desire is to assist women in building lifelong, genuine relationships with each other while drawing closer to Jesus. Our hope is that your life will be enhanced as you get connected through our Bible Studies, Life Groups, Social Events, Service Opportunities, Outreaches and Retreats. We would love to help you get connected. If you’re interested please email us ( 


At ABC our desire is to build strong godly men. Our Men’s Ministry is a great place to grow in your depth with God while receiving the strength of doing life with other guys. There are a lot of ways to get connected. Join us for our Life Groups, Outreach Opportunities, Hands-on Projects, monthly Men’s Breakfast, and Social Events such as Bronco’s Parties (Occasionally we’ll even let a few Raiders and Chiefs fans come).

Salt Senior's ministry

Our Seniors at ABC have an incredible time doing life together. Social Gatherings, Lunches, Potlucks and Bible Studies are several of the ongoing functions that make SALT (Senior Adults Living Triumphantly) such an incredible ministry. When you add in the great senses of humor that always come together you’ll begin to get an idea of why our SALT Ministry is loved by so many.

For more information or to get connected with any of our ministries please email us at